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They want to meet the public in the public arena, not in the arena of internal scientific communication.

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But if you're past that and still single, there's nothing to stress over: Though age 25 was the average, only half of participants met their partners in their 20s. All you want to do is spend every waking minute with your other half. As your lives blend together, it can become harder to make time for anything else. While there's nothing wrong with being in love and basking in the intoxication of your relationship, it's a mistake to completely cut your friends out of your life.

Then, you drive with your spouse to an isolated location and park!

All of a sudden, you will be annoyed with the way that he or she chews or how he or she can't make a decision when ordering food.

But if you head out with your friends every so often, you will create breathing room.

These small flies, also known as March flies, are closely related to mosquitoes and gnats.

The males are about 1/4 inch in length, while females are 1/3 inch in length.