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Verliefd worden op een persoon die lijdt aan deze stoornis is in het begin vaak niet moeilijk, tot de werkelijke narcist boven komt drijven.

Vanaf dat moment is het vaak een relatie waarin manipulatie, vernedering en gevoelens van onmacht een hoofdrol spelen.

Het komt er eigenlijk op neer dat ze alles geloven wat ze zelf zeggen.

Omdat hun leven van leugens aan elkaar hangt en ze niet meer weten wat de waarheid is, blijft het patroon van liegen aanwezig.

De volgende antennes gaan mee: End Fed 10,20,40 mtr End Fed 10,(15),20,40,80 mtr Dipool 10, 20 mtr (2x een trap)Dipool 40 mtr Dipool 40, 80 mtr (2x een 90 u H spoel) Ik hoop de meeste dagen in ieder geval in de ochtend en de avond even QRV te zijn.

Dit zal niet altijd lukken omdat we nogal eens zullen verkassen.

Doris: You can tell my son that whether or not he cares to acknowledge it, I've been taking care of myself since before he was born and I'm actually pretty damn good at it. But that was the sacrifice that he had to make for his country.

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Frank Delano: [shoots one round that somehow misses Chin, who shoots him in the shoulder. I was, uh, staying here at the Hilton while my apartment was getting repainted. She was riding these little ankle slappers, and she still managed to lose her board. I found her board, of course, but I told her she couldn't get it back until she agreed to go out to dinner with me... When she heard the news, um, she felt pity on me, and she called me.

Chin closes door of van and aims shotgun at Delano, who's out of ammo] You're not gonna kill me.

[Chin Ho pauses before firing shotgun pointblank]Chin Ho Kelly: The very first time I laid eyes on Malia, was right here on this beach. And then, about a week later, I get a knock on my door from some surf shop saying that the board is actually theirs, and I owe them five days rental... [Steve smirks at Danny ranting] This is fun for you, you enjoy this, this is a challenge for you, right? I know it's really hard to be away from your family, Grace, but that's why it's really important to make the most of the time that you guys have together.

So, you can stay here and have that cup of coffee, talk Kukui High football, if you want that, I'm game -but if you're here just to babysit me, you can leave right now. Just like your dad's had to make sacrifices for his job, which is keeping this island safe.