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Many people know the old saying that you should feed a cold and starve a fever.

Most doctors agree that you should not force yourself to eat during illness, but you also should not restrict yourself if you feel hungry. Here are the most powerful foods that boost your immunity to fight off common cold and flu.

What exactly are cold alleriges, and what can be done about them?

Opt for orange when you want to boost the defensive power of your immune system against viruses and bacteria.In the winter of 1965, writer Gay Talese arrived in Los Angeles with an assignment from Esquire to profile Frank Sinatra.The legendary singer was approaching fifty, under the weather, out of sorts, and unwilling to be interviewed. A., hoping Sinatra might recover and reconsider, and he began talking to many of the people around Sinatra—his friends, his associates, his family, his countless hangers-onand observing the man himself wherever he could.But when it gets to Sinatra it can plunge him into a state of anguish, deep depression, panic, even rage. Sinatra with a cold is Picasso without paint, Ferrari without fuelonly worse.For the common cold robs Sinatra of that uninsurable jewel, his voice, cutting into the core of his confidence, and it affects not only his own psyche but also seems to cause a kind of psychosomatic nasal drip within dozens of people who work for him, drink with him, love him, depend on him for their own welfare and stability.Carrots are a good source of beta-carotene, a phytonutrient that contributes to the production of immune system cells that fight with the diseases by destroying microbes.