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And I'm never going to get married," she said."Right now, my view on marriage is that it's extremely pointless.

I see why other people get married, but for me, I'll never get married, so I always do designs on my wedding ring fingers, because I'll never wear a ring there." She continued: "My parents separated when I was really, really young, and it's just the complications of it all.

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Only a few shows along with its characters become internationally recognized, and their characters can leave a mark in the heart of the audience. At first, Joe’s fan sent a video to his agent where the fan confesses her desire to date him.And when audience gives a place in their hearts then the fame comes automatically. Actor Joe Dempsie gained fame with his hit show “Game of Thrones." And the star has a huge fan following, and among many fans, Joe shared an incident of an uber fan- who went to the extent of asking his ex-girlfriend’s mom in the hopes of dating him. And she waited for a week without a reply and then she sent them to everyone with whom he has ever interacted over Twitter including his ex-girlfriend’s mother. Joe shared about the Danish fan- who sent videos to his ex-girlfriend’s mother, where the fan is begging to date him.RELATED: Friends Fear Ben Affleck is on the Verge of a Breakdown Amid Jennifer Garner Divorce "Patrick has been treating [Jennifer] like a queen. "If you'd seen the number of crunches they were doing before this scene, they were practically throwing up; they're not acting - just holding their breath and flexing their abs! According to a new report, Jennifer Garner and Patrick Dempsey are secretly dating following their respective divorces earlier this year. it was only natural for them to confide in each other," a source recently revealed to .